Mooncake Packaging is going through Evolutionary Phase

Mooncake Packaging is going through Evolutionary Phase

2019 Mooncake Packaging Trend

Year by year, competition for the best mooncake favour and packaging is in the air starting as early right after the Lunar New. Being second top most celebrated Chinese culture, it is definitely a time to display gifting generosity and family bonding.

Mooncake packaging in Singapore has come a long way since the seventies. Confectioneries dominated the industry for a long time till the Chinese Restaurants in the 80s and finally the hospitality players step in for their fair share. I witnessed from 2010, a small group of boutique bakeries slowly crawling in the market with unique favors and packaging. That changes the Mooncake Packaging since then.


So, what is new trend for 2019?

I have often spoken to clients of using sustainable design, structure and material to be part of the packaging. Often enough, one or two of these have to be compromised to meet to their demands. I advocate Environmental Friendly as I have been to factories where I feel workers and families having to ail from illness just to give us good looking products. The need to change to sustainable and eco friendly products are fast becoming a trend in the coming years.

In 2019, the trend will be using self sustained LED lights, PCB papers, recycled tins and bamboo paper. Though most of them I have been experimenting since 2015, I trust the cost will be acceptable to most clients as technology reached its peak. Simplicity and minimalist are the way forward till 2020 due to the lack luster market conditions.

Have a great 2019.


Written by Richard Woo.

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